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Download Antisquad Early Access S 08

Download Antisquad Early Access S 08

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Early Access, Strategy
Release name: Antisquad.Early.Access.S.08

AntiSquad, mereka adalah unit respon taktis militer. Para profesional militer mengeras, lelah birokrasi, politik dan melayani angkatan bersenjata, telah membentuk formasi paramiliter swasta yang terletak di selatan Amerika Serikat. Menjadi profesional militer sejati, mereka secara berkala melaksanakan kontrak untuk pekerjaan yang mungkin tidak dianggap “bersih”.
  • Turn-based tactics… The game is yours to command
  • Stunning visuals… It pleases the eyes
  • Fascinating story… To tell before bedtime
  • Memorable characters… It’s hard to pass by without noticing them
  • Character specialization… Choose your path
  • A wide variety of gears and weapons… For each taste and colour
  • Challenges and Achievements… Making it hard for you
  • Atmospheric soundtrack… Hear the sound of awesomeness?

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Free Download Antisquad Early Access S 08

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